Production Controller

Careful quality control of the whole process

Detailed management of the whole process

Total quality control

Han’s Yueming has formed our own quality assurance circle by comprehensive and strict quality management process.

Material quality control: All the materials and components of Han’s Yuemings’ products meet the requirements of national laws and regulations and quality standards. Besides, in the whole manufacturing process, Han’s Yueming formulated material identification code and kept recording the quality, and identificated the important and key component by the unique code so as to ensure the traceability of product quality status when necessary.

Incoming quality inspection (IQC): In order to ensure that the quality of the material is able to meet the standard, the enterprise can carry out the inspection of the products after the order is issued.

Process inspection (IPQC/PQC):After the acceptance of the material, due to batch testing and reservoir storage etc., quality may be changed .So in order to improve the pass rate of the finished products and reduce the production cost, we implement monitoring, supervision and quality recognition for the first piece of the product during series production before product launch.

Warehousing inspection (FQC), also known as final inspection: After the completion of the production process, the product flow to the assembly line which also means packaging and warehousing. We have a comprehensive quality inspection and control of our products, including features, performance, appearance, and packaging etc. that must meet the quality requirements.Furthermore, we will set strict inspection and verification procedures depend on the demand of our customer and necessary procedures of production management.

Quality assurance engineer (QA): The intra-company will make investigation and evidence collection, take improvement measures and propose the process optimization to the customer complaints.

Customer quality complaint handling engineer (QE): QE, who is responsible for external quality description, coordination on business side and client, description and solution of problem, also including the file system management, reply customer complaint and quality procedure documents formulation etc.

Production process control

Production process and quality control of Han’s Yueming, starting from feeding to the storage of finished product.,which is an important part of production quality control.

Manufacturing device and key operation process control: Han’s Yueming is strict with management and control of all production equipment in Jiangsu and Dongguan factories, respectively made preventive plan for daily maintenance and routine maintenance according to the importance of equipment. Besides, we have periodic inspection on the fixture, tools and measuring instruments etc., and sent to the National Technical Quality Supervision Bureau for regular calibration so as to ensure that our products meet the quality requirements. In addition, we strictly control the operator, environment, operation specification, facilities and materials that may make great influence on product quality.

Flexible production control: Han’s Yueming fully respect the individual needs of each individual customer. On the basis of resource and technology permission, Han’s Yueming will satisfy customer's personalized requirements as far as possible by the technology of manufacturing and the more strict control of the process.

Control of nonconforming product:Han’s Yueming, has strict rules and regulation on the management of nonconforming products,sets detailed workflow and disposal rights for unqualified identification,segregation,storage and disposal,resolutely prevents misuse and mix of unqualified products

On the basis of high quality manufacturing capability,to provide products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations,Han’s Yueming established and implemented a scientific and rigorous, efficient and pragmatic ISO9001 quality management system standards in 2001. To continuously improve the company's quality management system,Han’s Yueming also regularly holds "Han’s Yueming Quality Tour" activities in the July to September period each year.The  whole member participate , We have self checking of the entire enterprise's work quality,  product quality and service quality .Besides,we will frequently interview our customers and investigate the satisfaction of our product and service,and try our best to improve our quality  assurance system so as to ensure maximum satisfaction of customers.

The main functions of Han’s Yueming during the whole quality control process,is to implement quality control plan of production process according to technology requirement of enterprise product and manufacturing process ,strictly monitoring various factors that may affect our product quality and ensuring that our products meet the customer's quality requirements

In addition,so as to better service overseas customers and close to the international market,Han’s Yueming will establish the overseas production base that integrates production,sales and customer service in Brazil, the United States, India, Vietnam and other places  one after another. At present, the investigation, negotiation and other preparatory work is widely developed.

  • Guide Rail Straightness Assembly ---Control Accuracy of ±0.02mm-1000mm

    Production Controller

  • The Dual Track Parallel Detection---Reducing the amount of deformation of graphic

    Production Controller

  • The Vertical Beam Detection---Improve Graphics frame verticality

    Production Controller

  • Laser Tube Aging Control

    Production Controller

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