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Han's Yueming Laser Group Co.,Ltd.owns a abundant techniques and high-quality R & D team, of which there are six young optics experts, thirty-three master researchers and eighty-six bachelor engineers.

Han's Yueming laser always adheres to independent innovation, insists on the technical innovation system that takes enterprises as the main player as and brand as the goal and combines production, education with research.The first class small and medium power laser processing equipment research and development center in Asia,which was respectively set up in Dongguan and Shanghai by Han's Yueming laser. Beyond that,we established a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Nankai University, Jinan University, South China University of technology, South China Normal University, Zhongshan University, Tianjin University, Huazhong University of technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai ray machine, and many famous universities and research institutions.

Facing the intense competition of the international laser equipment market,Han's Yueming will meet the demand of laser processing applications of the most forefront global industrial manufacturing field .10% of our sales revenue each year will be invested in research and development of more advanced technology, new products and new craft.  Han's Yueming laser is leading in the laser industry in China by excellent quality and breakthroughs of research and development.

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