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Laser-cut acrylic anti-coronavirus signs helps scientific coronavirus prevention

By : Han's Yueming Laser Group 2021-1-27 Share:         Back to list

The prevention and control of the coronavirus are the responsibility for everyone. The Spring Festival is coming, so there are many people who work far from hometown will back to their hometown, which will be a great people movement. The huge population movement is testing the coronavirus prevention and control work. It is necessary to take personal protection for those returning home. Also, for transportation, business and other societies, organizational system, it is necessary to post a sign in a conspicuous place to remind people. Laser-cut acrylic anti-coronavirus signs helps scientific coronavirus prevention.


In the special period of preventing the second outbreak of the coronavirus

Under the background of normalized coronavirus prevention and control

At entrances and exits, toilets, outside the car doors, places where discarded masks are placed, etc.

Place prominent acrylic anti- coronavirus signs is necessary

It can remind people to wear masks, wash hands correctly, cooperate with temperature measurement, etc.

Also, that plays the role of strengthening publicity, popularizing common sense, and correct guidance


Acrylic board is smooth, beautiful, no wrinkles and no seams

It is durable, resistant, waterproof and dirt resistant

Various pictures and text can be printed by UV

Which is suitable for the material of the sign

And efficient, intelligent, precise and environmentally friendly acrylic board laser cutting machine

Is currently the most high-quality processing method for acrylic cutting

Graphic visual positioning and cutting for the printed acrylic board

The production of coronavirus prevention signs is undoubtedly better

Using acrylic board laser cutting machine helps coronavirus prevention and control work

And make contribution to the protection of travel safety during the Spring Festival


Advantages of acrylic board laser cutting machine


Using softness to overcome rigidity-the use of flexible laser beams for non-contact processing of hard acrylic, which without directly crushing the material, so that reduces the yield of defective products.


Unrestrained-computer software control, and graphics are not restricted, which can easily complete the cutting of different sizes of partitions.


Elaborately crafted-the laser processing accuracy can reach within millimeters, and the cutting edge is smooth, and the product is more delicate. At the same time, the safety of use is guaranteed.


Visual positioning- large-format automatic visual positioning and cutting can be carried out by laser processing, which can realize graphics positioning and cutting after acrylic plate printing.


Recommendation: non-metal sheet laser cutting machine


Non-metallic sheet laser cutting machine

1. Functional characteristics of non-metal sheet laser cutting machine

Full gear rack motion structure

High precision cutting

High-speed operation stability


2. Application

Mainly used for the cutting of large-format non-metallic plates such as acrylic plates, wood plates, wood plywood, and medium density boards.

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