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One of every five car mats is processed by a car mat laser cutting machine

By : Han's Yueming Laser Group 2020-12-31 Share:         Back to list

It is true that this data is not accurate, but the car mat laser cutting machine has been widely used in the production of car mats. Car mats, also called car carpets, which are placed in the car to prevent dust from staining the car. Car mats are necessary for every car. How does the car mat laser cutting machine process it?


As opening materials, a larger material is cut into several smaller pieces by a car mat laser cutting machine before each car mat is formed. The materials of foot pads can be divided into cloth, leathers, and rubber materials. All car mat can be cut using CO2 laser cutting machine. High cutting precision and fast speed.


For carving, no one would want to buy a car mat without any patterns or colors. Carving and other designs are carried out before selling. Carving processing can be carried out by the car mat laser cutting machine. Also, a "unique" car mat can be created for users according to the personalized text and special patterns designed by the individual by the car mat laser cutting machine.


As an important role of car decoration, car mats can bring good visual effects. At the same time, it has high practicality. The introduction of car mat laser cutting machines in the manufacture of car mats is a new bright spot in the mat processing market in recent years.

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