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Apple's new headphone AirPods Max released and 4399 yuan free laser engraving

By : Han's Yueming Laser Group 2020-12-14 Share:         Back to list

The day before yesterday, Apple released another new product--AirPods Max! It is a head-mounted, wireless noise-cancelling headset. The new product was directly released online without propaganda on December 15th, which sales start from 4399 yuan in China without charging heads.


However, this price is enough to buy a Huawei P40. It’s really good time to publish before Christmas.


The colors of AirPods are the same color as that of the iPad Air, which are cosmic gray, silver, green, blue and pink. Also, the shape of AirPods is smooth and full of fashionable sports.


It is recommended to collect all the colors and wear the corresponding colors according to different moods during working days.


In addition, people can still enjoy the free laser engraving service after purchasing the headset, which makes AirPods Max more personalized.


Since the launch of AirPods, Apple has been providing customers with free laser engraving service. However, this time, people who bought AirPods starting creative littering competition. .


If you engraved AirPods Max, what would you engrave? Anyway, Yueming has already decided it.


The characters, complicated patterns can be achieved by the ultraviolet laser marking machine. Also, wild and unconstrained imagination and a sense of science and technology to electronic products can be brought by the UV laser marking machine.


The shell will not be scratched and wore by the non-contact laser process. At the same time, laser processing is not limited by the color of the material. Both the earphone shell and the earphone charging box can be made fine and durable marks.


Recommended equipment-UV laser marking machine



  Equip with imported UV laser generator to guarantee high-quality laser beam, smaller laser spot, hyperfine marking, and high definition ;

  Extremely small heat-affected zone, almost no thermal effect on the material, which prevents materials from deformation, damage or burning;

  Suitable for large range of material than infrared laser;

  Self-developed marking control software, powerful, friendly interface, simple and fast operation, easy to learn and use;

  Imported high speed digital scanning galvanometer enjoys compact volume, high speed and superior stability;

  The whole machine has stable performance and low power consumption;

  The totally enclosed protection design can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation which endangers human health.



Ultraviolet laser marking machine has good beam quality and smaller focused spot, which can realize ultra-fine and various complex pattern marking. The scope of application includes earphone shell, left and right ear marking, earphone internal logo and chip marking, and wired earphone Wire-controlled marking, etc. It is suitable for marking PVC, rubber, plastic, aluminum, copper, gold, silver, glass high reflective materials, etc.


With the release of AirPods Max, for buyers, the discussion is not whether to buy or not, but whether to engrave or not to engrave. It is less than 24 hours from the release to the present, and it will take 12-14 weeks for the latest booking to receive products. If you want to know more about our UV laser marking machine, please call 0769-8983 8888.

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