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Exhibition Information

Invitation Letter│Han's Yueming Laser Meet You in CISMA 2019

By : Han's Yueming Laser Group 2019-09-02 Share:         Back to list

CISMA CHINA, Han's yueming laser


Worldwide sewing machine feast

A stage of Han’s yueming shows its strength to the world

From 25th to 28th

In the four days

Han’s yueming as "Intelligent Laser Solution Provider"

Will demonstrate

New products, New concepts, New technologies

Exhibition Information

Booth: E1-M15

Date: Sept.25th -28th 

Address: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Contact: Henry

Phone:86+188 2695 0666

Booth map


Exhibition machine

Vision laser cutting machine

Dual crossbeam asynchronous laser cutting machine

Large format vision cutting system

Automatic feeding system

Electric dual head mutual movement realizes automatic processing

Vision cutting software

Projection positioning system (optional)


Lace laser cutting machine

Dual crossbeam asynchronous laser cutting system

Vision cutting system

Lace cutting software

Automatic feeding system

Projection positioning system (optional)


Automatic Bonding Film Flex Cut FC600-B-A

Three - axis dynamic scanning system

Magnetic powder tension control system

Automatic feeding and rewinding system

Fully enclosed double dust-proof design

Environmental protection upper and lower double ventilation system

CCD vision matching and positioning function (optional)

Fly laser marking/cutting function (optional)


Denim laser washing machine

Safety and environmental protection fully enclosed design

Dual motion system to achieve dual station interactive feeding

1300mm*1300mm graphic projection positioning

Modular design, optional functions

Freely download cloud denim process drawing library


Intelligent high-speed cutting bed

Multi-user management

Real-time self-cleaning

Intelligent cutting system

Negative pressure stepless speed adjustment

Negative pressure cutting automatic bed change

Electrical digital monitoring, remote diagnosis

Automatic production statistics


Laser intelligent process for garment, shoes, printed fabric

Intelligent laser solutions for flexible materials

Han’s yueming in CISMA 2019

Sept. 25th -28th 

Shanghai New International Expo Center: M1-E15

We sincerely invite the friends from the sewing industry

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