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The ‘Wingman’ in painting: Laser engraving technology

By : Han's Yueming Laser Group 2018-05-30 Share:         Back to list

‘Wingman’ is Lv Ziqiao’s mantra in TV series impartment. What’s that mean?

Let laser lady explain to you.

‘Wingman’ is a term, means the aircraft that follows a long aircraft on a formation flight. The main responsibility is to assist captain to complete various kinds of tasks. 


What’s the bright spot of wingman in painting area? 

Picking a chrysanthemum, see carefreely South hill.

A factional laser engraving machine Chinese ink painting needs to take a step back to see the real scene. 

The factional laser engraving Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains with top walnut texture on the side board is lively and gorgeous. 

Such elegant sideboard not only could storage tableware and drinking vessel, but also as a decoration of hallway. 

Pyrography is Chinese traditional art treasure. It needed to use hot soldering iron to stamp on the object in the past. Nowadays, a poplar and a laser engraving machine could make pyrography. Using laser to engrave the pattern breaks the limitation of traditional pyrography easily. The process result is accurate and beautiful. 


Seattle artist Redd Walitzki’s works affected by European Rocco art, her most painting content are gorgeous female and dark side of human nature. She drew on the drawing board which by laser engraving.  

Laser technology could not only assist processing production, but also art painting. Laser makes the finishing point for paintings and reduces some processing problem of working process for painters. 


Yue Ming Laser Group adhere to the technology innovation as fundamental, and has continued to study application requirements of laser technology for years. Yue Ming Laser Group developed a series of laser machine that suitable for cutting, engraving, drilling, marking all kinds of metal and non-metal materials based on a variety of marketing research. 

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