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Leaders from Science & Technology Associations at All Le
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  On the 24th of this month, leaders from science & technology associations at all levels, including those from the state, Guangdong Province and Dongguan City, paid a visit to Han's Yueming Laser for research and investigation. During the visit, both the president and vice president of Han's Yueming Laser, Mr. Li and Mr. Ni respectively, have been keeping company with the leaders. The leaders also heard reports from our Company with a strong interest.

    The leaders have sung high praise for the strong strength and huge potentiality of Han's Yueming Laser. For instance, Mr. Wu Huanquan, the chairman of Guangdong Science & Technology Association, has said about Han's Yueming Laser as below: "Han's Yueming Laser is doing fairly well in the management of scientists and technicians as well as the investment of research and development, which is a full embodiment of the scientific outlook on development of respecting knowledge, talents and science. And I believe, that's surely one of the crucial reasons why Han's Yueming Laser is able to survive and even stand firmly on its feet in the current fierce market competition." In the light of the great prospect for the processing equipments of Han's Yueming Laser, the leaders attending this research and investigation all encouraged Han's Yueming Laser to make sustained and redoubled efforts for its continued devotion to promoting the laser industry in China.