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The multi burner laser cutting machine, the subject of a science and technology project of city level in 2005, which was undertaken by Dongguan Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd, has been examined and accepted by the experts organized by Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau. This project was set up in 2004. With high content of technology and large demand of it in the international market, this kind of machine can bring a great deal of benefits to the enterprise. It received high praise from the experts. This project was subsidized by “Three Types of Funding” for science and technology development in Dongguan. Also, it is the first project carried out by an enterprise but subsidized by the Government.

  The Government and the enterprise are both pleased to see the completion of the first key project. CPC Dongguan Municipal Committee and Dongguan Government have made a decision to launch the campaign of “Constructing a Scientific Dongguan” and promote social and economic transformation in Dongguan. It was in such a context that Yueming Laser undertook the key scientific project to keep the pace with the world trend of technology development and propel the development of application of Chinese laser processing technology. Resolving problems in multi burner laser processing technology can further the campaign in Dongguan and promote the technology advance and innovation in our country. The funding from Government is not too much, but it has a guidance function. It tells the enterprises and the society that the Government supports hi-tech industries as well as the R&D and innovation in these industries. The enterprises are well aware that the guidance function of the Government is greater than financial support. It embodies not only the support of government policy, but also the particular encouragement and concern of the Government for hi-tech enterprises. In the very year when the project received the subsidy, the enterprise accomplished the key technology project of municipal level--the development of multi burner laser cutter. Now , such products are being exported abroad with annual turnover doubled. In this way, Yueming made a big stride through accomplishing a key technology project.

  Undertaking key technology projects is a good opportunity for scientific workers in enterprises, especially young ones. It provides a platform for them to exert their potential and helps enterprises to develop their own core and key technology and obtain a series of technology innovation fruits. This project affiliates the application of laser processing. By undertaking this project, Yueming Laser has accumulated some valuable experience to carry out major projects and cultivated a high quality R&D team. Furthermore, the application of this technology is being expanded. Accomplishment of the project has brought economic and social benefits for the enterprise. We believe that by practice and hard work, we can strive to compose a new chapter in the course of the rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation.