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How to Realize Engraving on Ceramics?
Updated:2011-04-21 11:55  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:


The ceramics can be engraved? By which kind of engraving tools? The answer is yes. We can engraving on ceramics by CMA-6040K laser engraving machine made by Han's Yueming laser.

As the development of Yueming Laser technology, the laser equipment is becoming more and more advanced and with more powerful functions. CMA-6040K laser engraving machine adopts internationally advanced DSP control technology, which realizes the function of high speed curve cutting and shortest path optimization, improving the working efficiency greatly. Auto compensation for optical attenuation in the whole working process ensure the cutting effect to be consistent even in different areas.

Auto lifting platform can be specially designed for users requiring thick-material carving and cutting. Different thick materials can be curved by CMA-6040K laser engraving machine. And for irregular materials such as bars with both round of plain shapes,we designed revolving system which is special for engraving on round shape materials.