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Market Share for CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
Updated:2011-04-06 08:53  Origin:laser cutting machine  Author:Han's Yueming Laser  Hist:


Nowadays,CO2 laser cutting machine still the mainstream in laser equipment market. Besides of CO2 laser cutting machine,there are light bump laser cutter and fiber laser cutter. Fiber laser cutting machine is developing very soon but not very well. Among various laser cutting machine, the machining market is mainly occupied by CO2 laser cutting machine and light bump laser cutting machine. Do you know why? We need to think about the reason. It is a pity that the laser expert ignored this fact.

It is said by Guangzhou Academe, when using fiber laser generator with 200 Watt, the laser cutting machine can cut steel plate with 1 mm thick. When using light bump laser generator with 500 Watt, the laser cutting machine can cut steel plate with 3 mm thick. So the fiber laser generator can’t be accept by machining market very well.

The fiber laser cutting machine has its own advantages and disadvantages. Its framework enables its advantage of high beam quality under the condition of high power. And it can realize the high efficiency. However, many other common laser cutting machine also have these advantages. They play more important role in the laser market. People like CO2 laser cutting machine better than fiber laser cutting machine.