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Laser cutting seminar highlights cost cutting solutions
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Fabricators at a recent laser cutting seminar left the day with ideas on how to improve their laser cutting operation, cut costs and become more competitive.

Approximately 25 fabricators from Southern Ontario attended the seminar on September 30 at a Mississauga, ON, hotel, put on by Rofin-Baasel Canada, Mississauga, ON, and partners SigmaTEK Systems LLC, Cincinnati, OH, Laser Maintenance Group (LMG), Forney, TX, LaserMech Replacement Parts & Service, Novi, MI, and Industrial Solutions LLC, Rockaway, NJ.

It’s the first time the event was held in Canada, but the partners plan to hold another seminar in Canada, most likely in the spring and in another province, possibly in Western Canada or Quebec, says Bob Kloczkowski, industry specialist-fabrication with Rofin-Sinar.

“The idea behind this seminar was information gathering for manufacturers. We wanted to provide fabricators with some ideas of what you can do with lasers and bring fabricators and suppliers together to discuss ideas to improve their operations.”

Once presentation that caught the attention of Hopeton D’Aguilar, general manager of Symtec Specialty Alloys, was that give by Charles Dickson, owner of Laser Maintenance Group (LMG) on general maintenance and what to look for before you purchase a refurbished machine.

“I’m anxious to get my maintenance person to talk to Charlie. And it just happens that I have my eye on a refurbished TRUMPF laser cutting. I’d like to have Charlie look at it and see if it’s worth the money that is being asked.”

The potential TRUMPF laser cutting machine will join the other TRUMPF machines (three laser cutting machines at the company’s Montreal facility and another at the Cambridge operation) and Mazak Optonics that Symtec uses.


D’Aquilar adds that what interested him in the seminar was “the opportunity to increase some efficiencies. The market is down and everyone is fighting for more business and it’s about working a little smarter. I’ve heard some tremendous suggestions already today.”