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Laser Applique Cutting Machine: Show Me Your Style

By : Han's Yueming Laser Group 2017-04-17 Share:         Back to list

As the time gone by, are you wondering how to add to it another bright spot and “wow” your friends in a less costly way? Here a laser applique cutting machine is the answer.

What Is Applique?

Applique is the craft of sewing fabric shapes, such as badges, trademarks and other woven labels, onto larger pieces of cloth. People used to do sewing for the sake of frugality, but nowadays applique has become a new darling among fashion designers and a window to show the wearer’s good sense of fashion.

How to Make Applique? 


Traditionally, people use cutting tools with a cutting edge shaped in the same way as the pattern to be cut off from a fabric piece. This way usually leaves a blunt cut which needs overlying stitches to prevent it from raveling. It costs more and takes longer time to finish an order because there are as many kinds of cutting tools to mold as there are patterns to cut to make applique. Furthermore, a pattern can’t be changed without causing extra work and cutting tools will become blunt and less efficacious with constant usage.

Fortunately, we have the laser applique cutting machine to do the job. There’s no place for those old inefficient cutting tools as the work of designing and drawing are done by the computer and patterns can be changed at any time. Moreover, a laser applique cutting machine boasts high precision and neat cuts, un-yellowing and wanting no overlying stitches. The merit of laser applique cutting machine also lies in its high efficiency, leading to earlier delivery.

Han’s Yueming Laser 

As a professional laser equipment manufacturer, GD. Han’s Yueming Laser has paid close attention to the trend of in the garment industry, as a result of which it has introduced a series of laser applique cutting machines to help solve the industry’s great demand for delicate applique.

laser applique cutting

CMA1080-XT-A Two-head Projection-based Laser Cutting Machine

1. Aluminum projector support bracket, which can be easily re-constructed to adapt to the actual situations in different working sites;

2. Compact configuration with two laser heads working in parallel to improve working efficiency;

3. 3200 lumen BenQ projector, combined with TI Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology and a 13000:1 contrast ratio, leading to clear projection imagines;

4. When a power outage happens, the laser head can resume cutting/engraving from where it stopped;

5. Time estimation, progress report, and real-time coordinates and trajectory of the working laser heads;

6. Perfect for applique and vamp cutting where precision is required.

laser applique cutting machine

CMA1390-V Vision-based Laser Cutting Machine

1. Perfect for applique cutting based on given patterns whether printed, woven or embroidered, reducing labor cost;

2. Through the vision system, patterns are captured and stored into the computer, thus identifying the cutting route for the laser heads;

3. Specially design software, which always identifies the shortest possible cutting route, reducing saving working time by an average 10-20%, boosting efficiency;

4. Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, characterized by high data processing capacity, ensuring no distorted lines or curves even when the laser heads work at a high speed.

As the garment industry moves from being quantity-heavy towards being design-oriented to adapt to new fashion waves, laser applique cutting machine is becoming the industry’s right-hand man in its efforts to answer the great market demand for pretty appique.

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