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CO2 Laser Marker for Denim (MC350-DJ-A)
1. Fully sealed design, safety and environmental.  
2. Imported core device ensures stable performance.
3. High marking speed, high efficiency and precision
4. Work interaction; put the material on the right side while the left side is marking to improve efficiency.
5. High projector equipped for positioning improves feeding speed and convenience
6. Working table of humanized design and platform for maintenance
1.  This CO2 laser marker for denim equipped with modular design equips the machine with strong compatibility for laser generators of different laser power.
2.  Projection image positioning, convenient feeding.
3.  The whole frame is welded by sheet metal outside which is good-looking.
4.  Electric lift, easy to adjust the marking size.
5.  Exchangeable working table, put material on the right side, marking on the left side, high efficiency.
6.  Humanized operation interface, multi-angle rotation, easy to operate.
Important Configurators    
Germany ROFIN company SR-25 series RF CO2 laser is the world's most efficient CO2 laser whose dotting capacity is 1.3 times that of European and American brands under the same power conditions. And it has stable performance which is a rare maintenance-free laser and non-professional laser operator can complete the  operation. After applying Germany ROFIN metal cavity CO2 lasers to process on guide light board, dotting speed and depth is highly better than European and American brands with the same power; beam spot is uniform, which realizes high-quality, high-efficiency perfect dotting.
RF CO2 laser generator
Germany RAYLASE is an international leading marking galvanometer designer and manufacturer. This device uses high-performance triaxial dynamic scanning system of AXIALSCAN series  RAYLASE manufactured  which is by far the best solution for  processing with small spot and large diameter range. Powerful galvanometer combines speed, flexibility with  1500mmx1500mm working area. AXIALSCAN system provides smaller spot diameter, larger working range, flexibility, high scanning speed, long-term stability and low drift, which meets with high-quality standards. These features can achieve high-power density at each beam, bringing with new applications and reducing system cost.
 Technique Parameter    

CO2 laser marker for denim MC350-DJ-A technique parameters

co2 laser marker for denim


 Applicable materials:    

◆   Denim, fabrics, leather marking&engraving, plastic marking and etc.

CO2 laser marker for denim MC350-DJ-A

laser marking denim



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