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MF50-D-A 3D laser marking machine

MF50-D-A 3D laser marking machine is able to achieve perfect laser marking effect on three-dimensional curved surface and large format working pieces surface, which is suitable for a variety metallic and nonmetallic material. As high marking performance, it has been widely used in precision molds, lighting, electronics, kitchen appliances, auto parts, medical equipment and other industries. 

Functions and Features    
1. Equipped with the advanced 3D galvanometer scanner, within 0~60mm height, it could generate very precise laser spot. It could mark on the 3D curved surface, and the marking quality is uniform within the scope (0~60mm hieth).
2. The maximum marking area is 400*400mm, which is much bigger than normal fiber laser marker. 
3. The advanced tri-axial digital galvanometer scanner mark fast, focus in real time and could generate precise and uniform laser spot.
4. Modular design. This machine is compatible for the majority of domestic and foreign fiber laser generators. 
5. It adopts marble platform, improve the smoothness, stabilization and anti-seismic property of the whole machine. 
6. The marking software could import chart exported from the mainstream 3D software, and edit those charts in simple way, easy for operators. 

 Technical Parameter    

3D laser marking machine technique parameter


 Applicable materials:    

◆    Plastic, steel, stainless steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, copper, nickel plating, zinc plating, alumina etc. 

3D laser marking machine marking sample



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