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MUV5-B-A UV Laser Marker
MUV5-B-A UV laser marker adopts superior performance imported ultraviolet laser generator and digital high-speed scanning galvanometer, reliable quality; high quality laser beam, extremely small focused spot, which can realize ultra-fine laser marking; it’s processing heat affected zone is very small that can avoid material damage effectively; it’s applicable advertising material and it also suitable for special material marking. 
 Main features    
Economical configuration, with the high cost performance
1.  Equipped with imported UV laser generator, has uniform laser power density, fine laser spot and stable output laser power, can satisfy the main market requests.
2.  This model has digital high speed scanning galvanometer, small volume, quick speed, good stability, performance reached the international advanced level.
Modular design,flexible application
1. UV laser marker has compact interactive platform, and offers automatic/manual modes, to satisfy customer’s requests of multistation automation, improve the machines’ efficiency;
2. Has better applicability, offset the deficiency of infrared laser;
3. Better optical quality and laser spot, can realize hyperfine marking;
4. Smaller heat affected zone, avoid material damage and improve rate of finished products;
5. Faster, better efficiency, high-precision;
6. No consumable material needed, and low use and maintenance cost;
7. Stable performance ensures long-time running.

 Technical Parameter    

uv laser marker


 Applicable materials:    

◆    Metallic materials, plastics, leather.

uv laser marker sample



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