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CMA-1325 Large Plate Laser Cutting Machine

    To achieve wide-format cutting and splitting, CMB-1325 large platelaser cutter was successfully designed and manufactured by incorporating the design elements and structural concepts of large and medium-sized machine tools. It adopts strong frames of machine tools to ensure stability and accuracy during high-speed motion. Its drive system features linear guide and imported precision gear and rack to ensure machining accuracy.



◆CMB-1325 Large PlateLaser Cutting Machine introduces internationally leading 32-digital control system of DSP+CPU/MCU dual structure, and significantly improves product performance. The use of acceleration / deceleration control algorithm allows for rapid and smooth operation. In addition, automatic optical attenuation compensation technology is employed, which guarantees ideal effects at different areas of the whole processing format.
◆This Product boasts light intensity and speed auto-matching function, which ensures the cutting quality at corners. It is also capable of continuous curve cutting. The travel speed reaches as high as 20m/min, which greatly improves its productivity and competitiveness.
◆Featuring imported high-precision backlash gear and rack, and supported by high-accuracy liner guide, the drive mechanism provides guarantee for high-accuracy performance of the Product under high-speed motion. This product uses sliding-type process platform similar to that of large and medium-sized machine tool to ensure stability and reliability. This product can be used with YMC automatic transport system designed for using at large industrial sites, and is suitable for large-quantity and multiple-batch procession with high strength and accuracy.



Applicable industry:    

◆It is suitable for high-end users in the business of leather products, furniture, packaging, printing & advertisement, decoration and building, who requires wide-format splitting and cutting capability.



Technical Parameter    
Laser power: 130W
Length of laser wave: 1064μm
Gross power : <5KW
Processing area: 1300mm×2500mm
Max speed: 600mm/s
Spot diameter: 0.2mm
Location precision: 0.05mm
Supply voltage: 220VAC 50Hz
Dimension: 3430mm×1930mm×1080mm


Machine Configuration:    
Centralized Control Panel Light Melted Water Cooling Laser Head
Embedded Type Controller and Stable Electrical System Panasonnic AC Servo Motor with higher Stability





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